Once a school garden team is organized, the team members should develop a work plan and outline their expectations. The school garden team members will make decisions about how they will execute the tasks listed below.

1. Set regular meetings.

2. Outline tasks and time commitments; maintain a calendar for the team’s activities.

3. Plan the garden design and installation with input from as many school community members as possible. See Create the Garden for details.

4. Continually work to increase participation by each member and to recruit more members.

5. Create an open forum for input and discussion by participants and new members.

6. Create events and programming in the garden (e.g., open houses, graduation parties, and harvest festivals) to invite school families, neighbors, and other members of the community to celebrate the garden and become more involved in efforts to sustain it. See Getting the Community Involved.

7. Establish a plan for on-going maintenance.

8. Develop a rubric for evaluating the success of the project in order to identify strengths and weaknesses that will affect sustainability. See Evaluating your Success