The School Garden Team assumes the lead

Responsibility for the school garden’s continued success and sustainability ultimately rests under the leadership of the school garden team. The school may face some challenges in keeping the garden growing strong on all fronts, but these issues can be overcome.

The team might be challenged by...
  • maintaining a school garden team with adequate number of participants when key team members leave the school.
  • caring for the garden with student participation throughout the school year.
  • keeping the garden growing during the summer season when school is not in session and fewer people are available to work in the garden.
  • obtaining resources to sustain and expand the garden and its programs.
  • integrating the garden with the curricula so that it supports attainment of local, state, and national learning goals.
  • making the time to perform an annual self-assessment so that problems can be identified and addressed and then adjusting the garden program to meet those issues.
  • continuing to use the garden for programs and events.
  • keeping community interest high, and continuing to solicit active, sustained participation in garden activities.
  • networking and keeping contact with other schools that have gardens in order to share ideas and support.
Remember: It is the team members’ abilities to take leadership roles and apply what they gain from teacher trainings and their relationship with the collaboration that will affect the long-term outcome of the garden.