Planning for a school garden takes time, organization, and support. Ultimately, your goal is to build a garden that will become the milieu for a rich variety of student learning experiences.

In this section, you will learn how your vision for the school garden project can be realized with the help of a supportive, motivated, and committed team. You will learn how to organize a "Vision Meeting" and develop strategies to gather the funds and support you need to put together a plan for a successful school garden. Guide Download: Plan for Success: 10 pages

Section Overview

Creating a Vision

Analyze the site, assess your needs, and get your ideas down on paper! The Determining Your Goals Worksheet can help.

Building Your Team

Assembling a group of individuals who will assume roles and take on responsibilities for the garden is key to continued success and sustainability.

Getting Funds & Supplies

Fundraising for a project is a time-honored way of cementing interest and loyalty. Getting support is a must!