Gather your Resources

This section will get you started in collecting the information you need to build your case for a School Garden.

A Teacher's Perspective

Find out what teachers are saying about their School Gardens.

Inspiring Stories

From building your team to integrating your School Garden into your curriculum, many schools have made it happen! Click below to read inspiring stories.

National Science Standards

See examples of how plant-based activities, gardening, and outdoor environmental activities correspond with the National Science Education Standards.

Cross-Discipline Learning

Read how plant-related sciences and gardening can be used to support a variety of cross-disciplinary studies, including ways they support the National Standards of Teaching and Learning.

Estimating Project Costs

Money, money, money! How much will it cost? Get a rough idea of your project costs.

Cost Estimate Worksheet (1 page download)

Ready to start crunching some numbers? Download the Cost Estimate Worksheet to do the math.

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National Science Education Standards

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State Standards

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