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If you are like most teachers, you will need to "present your case" for a school garden to your principal or school council. You will need to make the case for how a school garden provides a natural forum for cross-disciplinary connections, enables fluid learning across the curriculum, and supports a variety of learning styles and abilities.

This section provides you with resources and a template to create a proposal for your school garden. Look through the entire site to find both facts and inspirational ideas for your proposal.

School gardening is seen as an activity that enables schools to "provide dynamic environments that support student mastery of educational standards." (California Department of Education, 2002)
Guide Download: Make the Case: 14 pages

Section Overview

Gather Your Resources

This section will get you started in collecting the information you need to build your case for a School Garden.

Create a Proposal

Need to write a hearty proposal? This section contains a proposal worksheet to help get the job done.