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Environmental Education (EE)

America the Beautiful Foundation
A great resource for all aspects of keeping America beautiful, including financial aid, corporate sponsorship, hands-on community activities, etc.

EE Link
Chock full of professional resources, classroom ideas, grant funding, and job listings for all you wandering souls. The most comprehensive EE site on the web!

National Gardening Association
A comprehensive resource for all aspects of gardening, including environmental issues, kids’ gardening, planting tips, etc.

North American Association for Environmental Education
The North American Association for Environmental Education promotes a healthy, sustainable environment through education and provides support for environmental education and educators through a variety of programs and activities.

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Biodiversity Web
A technical report for five ecosystems (agro-ecosystems, coastal areas, forests, freshwater systems, and grasslands); provides detailed, complete information. Three of the reports are now available to order or view online: “Forest,” “Grassland,” and “Freshwater” ecosystems.

Chicago Wilderness
Educational resources and information on how to become involved in local biodiversity conservation in the Chicagoland area.

Economics of Biodiversity
If you are interested in the topic of biodiversity as it relates to world trade issues, this site is for you. The mission of this site is “to influence, encourage, and assist societies throughout the world to conserve the integrity and diversity of nature and to ensure that any use of natural resources is equitable and ecologically sustainable”. Great for making connections to economics.

Planet Pals
Classroom projects from around the world reflect what some students are working on to help our universe. You can contribute to Planet Pals by sending a link to your own classroom projects.

Value of Biodiversity
A world map defining areas of high concern for conservation leads to a discussion of biodiversity in economic terms. Measurement of biodiversity values are needed to determine the 'where' of in situ conservation action rather than the 'how', particularly in deciding which combinations of available areas could represent and help sustain the most biodiversity value for the future. This raises questions such as What is biodiversity? What is the value basis for measuring it? What practical approaches are available for measuring this biodiversity value?

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Art - Nature Connection

ecoartspace is a proposed nonprofit eco-museum whose aim is to educate people of all ages about the principles of ecology and the model of creativity that nature presents, and to inspire a vision of a sustainable relationship between humans and the natural world.

Ecology Art Education Online
This online project, “A World Community of Old Trees,” is the result of a doctoral dissertation by June Julian of New York University. The philosophical basis for the project rests on viewing and experiencing nature as a part of ourselves, rather than separating humans from nature.

Fibonacci Numbers and the Golden Rules
A fascinating study of one of nature’s golden rules – patterns repeat themselves (albeit not without exception). Activities will challenge students and teachers to contemplate everyday items and encounters through a lens of math and art. An excellent classroom resource.

Schooling the Imagination
This three-part article, based on Waldorf Education methodology, describes how art and nature are intricately woven into this educational philosophy.

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