Use of the garden for school and community programs, ceremonies, and other events is one of the easiest ways to sustain your garden. People in the garden make the garden come to life.

Invite the community to join
Asking the community to join the fun of workdays and planting days, harvest festivals, special programs, and celebrations is worth the effort. The trick is to think of the garden as a place for such events and encourage new audiences as well as regulars to participate each time.

Build a neighborhood network
Invite neighborhood groups to host a meeting or event in the school garden. Welcome visitors as part of a neighborhood garden tour led by students and teachers describing their work and lessons in the garden.

Remember…the more people experience the garden, the more they will think of and care for the garden and therefore, the more successful and sustainable the garden will be. People who attend such events may become engaged and be willing to volunteer in the garden in other capacities.

See Children's Garden Themes for ideas about garden events and celebrations relating to the curricula.