The School Garden in a work-in-progress. Performing an evaluation, or self-assessment, is most useful when the school garden team has set goals early on in the design process that defined what they wanted to accomplish and how they measure success. Performing a self-assessment after the garden has been constructed is very useful to inform future plans, enhance and sustain the entire project, and determine the degree to which you met your goals.

Why Evaluate?

To uncover your "lessons learned" and determine what is and is not working well, performing an evaluation is worth your time!

Performing a Self-Assessment

Do your own evaluation! We'll guide you through assessing your school garden project according to your original goals.

Self-Assessment Worksheet (2 page download)

To revisit your project goals and objectives and assess how well you've reached them, download the Self-Assessment Worksheet.

Hiring a Professional Evaluator

If your budget allows, hiring an external evaluator can be worthwhile.

Books on Evaluation

Here's a list of resources on designing project evaluations.