The school garden team should reach a consensus about the final garden design. If there are major objections to the garden plan, the team members must voice them at this preliminary stage and offer constructive ideas to bring the garden closer to the school’s vision. Team members may need to accept that some ideas are not possible. Remember, you can do anything, but you can’t do everything!

Once the team agrees on the garden plan, it is wise to have a professional garden designer, or at least someone with drafting to scale drawings, draw a final map of the garden to scale, especially if there are modifications to the landscape. Read more about working with a professional designer.

Or, here’s a hidden resource: Check with your local high school, vocational center, or community college to locate a drafting teacher who might be willing to draft the garden plan or make the task an assignment for a drafting class.

Drawing a final map of the garden to scale will:
  • serve as a tool for the contractors
  • enable the team to see more clearly if any problems exist with the design
  • enable changes to be made before construction

Once a final design is approved, the school is ready to begin construction and organize planting day events.