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Creating a school garden to provide the basis for student-centered and hands-on learning can be challenging, but it is very doable with the right information.

From gardening basics to bubble diagrams to working with a professional designer, this section covers everything you need to know to efficiently create your garden from start to finish. Learn how to organize a “Design Workshop” to incorporate the collective ideas of everyone involved in the process—administrators, students, teachers, parents, and volunteers!
Guide Download: Create the Garden: 9 pages

Section Overview

Gardening Basics

Learn basic design principles, understand your growing zone, and grab your spade!

Designing the Garden

Get your garden design on paper with support and input from the whole team. Learn how to reach concensus to approve the final design.

Building the Garden

Tips on working with a contractor and getting the entire school involved in the building process. Don't forget...safety and universal access is key to effective design.

Planting Day

The great celebratory event everyone's been waiting for!